Author Profiles

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‘Author Profile’ features give an overview of the short story career of the writer being profiled. They should be written in the first-person, be objective in tone and should provide biographical information, as well as outlining critical acclaim. They should also make references to style or other prominent features of the writer’s work, and the influences or impact that the writer has had on the literary community.

Aimee Bender – Debbie Kinsey

Herman Charles Bosman – Richard Newton

Jorge Luis Borges – Geoffrey Heptonstall

Elizabeth Bowen – Aimee Gasston

Ray Bradbury – Jennie Ryan

Maeve Brennan – Eleanor Fitzsimons

George Mackay Brown – Carola Huttmann

Truman Capote – Ellie Piddington

Erskine Caldwell – Ellie Piddington

Angela Carter – at the Bath Literature Festival – Pauline Masurel

Raymond Carver – Paul Curd

Raymond Carver: Working For A Living – Sally O’Reilly

Anton Chekhov – Peter Jordan

Julio Cortázar – Hugh Fulham-McQuillan

D.H. Lawrence – Rosemary Gemmell

George Egerton – Eleanor Fitzsimons

James Ellis – Joe Cushnan

Anne Enright – Jane Hayward

Michael Faber – Miles Salter

F. Scott Fitzgerald – Jade Broughton

Helon Habila – Kenneth Okpomo

Ernest Hemingway – Loree Westron

O. Henry – Mike Smith

James Herbert – Kate Murray

Desmond Hogan – Shauna Gilligan

Sue Kaufman – Diana Cambridge

Etgar Keret – Shawna Vesco

Daniil Kharms – C.D. Rose

Barbara Kingsolver – Loree Westron

Julian Maclaren-Ross – Stephen Hargadon

Saadat Hassan Manto – Farah Ahamed

Katherine Mansfield – Gill Thompson

Alice Munro – Claire Thurlow

H.H. Murno – Alex Mair

Haruki Murakami – Will Bowerman

Edna O’Brien: The Twinkle in Edna’s Eye – Mary Costello

Grace Paley – Kate Jones

Breece D’J Pancake – Sean Martin

Ann Petry – Susan James

Annie Proulx – Julie Singleton

V. S. Pritchett – Mike Smith

Jean Rhys – Lucy Durrant

Robert Shearman – Lela Tredwell

Robert Shearman – Carys Bray

Ali Smith – Emma Young

Janette Turner Hospital – Sylvia Petter

Richard Yates – Alex Mair


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