The Stories of Objects

SOPHIA KIER-BYFIELD explores the similarities between the short form and photographs: ‘…the essence of the person or scene is entirely dependent on the viewer’s response. So much is left unsaid, so much more to tell that can’t be told. Similarly, short stories offer us something restricted, abruptly ended, or open to interpretation. When it comes to these forms, so much more lies beneath or beyond what we see and read…’

Remember, Remember

Longlisted in the 2016 Competition, SUE WILSEA finds contemporary resonance and universal thruths in Winifred Holtby’s Remember, Remember! ‘As well as being a prolific writer of not just fiction but also of journalese, reviews and lectures, she was also a political campaigner, reformer and political activist, most notably for black trade union rights in South Africa. Without doubt, today she would have been on the picket line with the junior doctors and campaigning on behalf of migrants…’

A Woman of Words

Runner-up in the Thresholds Feature Writing Competition: GILL THOMPSON recommends the short fiction of Katherine Mansfield: ‘The very best short story writers, and Katherine Mansfield is clearly one of these, can distill a profound theme into a word or phrase…’