Guidelines for Articles

We welcome submissions to the following departments: Exercises, Author Profiles, Debates, and We Recommend.  We are also interested in one-off, occasional, and regular blog posts up to 1,500 words on a wide range of short story-based topics, including explorations into the creative process, and the writer’s own experience of writing or reading short stories.

Please note: at this time, we do not accept unsolicited short story submissions.


In addition:


manuscripts should be double-spaced and left-hand justified;


– paragraphs should not be indented;


– titles of books and journals should be italicised;


– titles of short stories should be enclosed in single quotation marks;


– short extracts of a cited work should be enclosed in single quotation marks;


– extracts longer than three sentences should be single spaced and fully indented to set them apart from the rest of the text;


– dialogue which falls within an extract should be enclosed by double quotation marks;


– citations should be embedded in the text, not in footnotes, and use Harvard Referencing;


– all submissions should be emailed as an attachment to, with the word ‘submission’ in the subject line.


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