Story: ‘Berroca’ by Julie Burchill

photo by Kenn W. Kiser

Julie Burchill has written more than a dozen books, with the TV adaptation of one of them, Sugar Rush, winning an International Emmy.

Her hobbies include spite, luncheon, philanthropy, writing short stories and learning Modern Hebrew. She is married and lives in Brighton. She has been a hack since the age of 17 and is now 53 years old, and currently writing for the Daily Mail and The Sun. Her bestselling novel Ambition will be re-published by Corvus Books in spring and Unchosen: A Memoir of Philo-Semitism will be published by Unbound in 2013. She is currently working on her next novel, The Judgement Of Solomons.


Julie’s story ‘Berroca’ is exclusively available on THRESHOLDS.


*Please note, this story has elements of adult content.*



by Julie Burchill

© Julie Burchill

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