Story: All Over the Place

photo by Constantin Jurcut


At first, I barely notice the beige lump that’s heading my way, and then I realise… it’s me, reflected in the mirrored cladding of an office block. I admit I’ve never been willowy, but the woman walking towards me is positively squat. It’s the type of glass they use, I tell myself, wishing it was true. Geoffrey says I’m cuddly, making me sound softly rounded and desirable, but that’s not what comes to my mind right now. I look square and solid. A word my grandmother would use jumps into my head. Stout. 





by Linda McVeigh

winner of the 2010 Asham Short Story Award


Read about

 The Uncanny Birth of ‘All Over the Place’


With thanks to Asham for allowing us to republish this story.

© Linda McVeigh.


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3 thoughts on “Story: All Over the Place

  1. wow! wonderful job. i can see why it won. From the title down to the last word, the author,s intent is clear.

    excuse my strange punctuation. new phone. need i say more?


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