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WalesArtsReview.com is looking for writers to join our team of arts critics.  Become a part of the hub for the finest critical writing for the arts of Wales and beyond. WalesArtsReview.com will launch in March 2012. It will provide an international platform for Welsh critics covering a range of artistic fields, including; literature, theatre, music, film and performance.

WalesArtsReview.com has a dedicated, experienced, and expert team of editors and writers, academics and creatives – as well as a diverse pool of guest reviewers – so that the content of the site will always be diverse, authoritative and immediate. We are looking for people to join and enhance our pool of writers. As a team, we believe that vibrant and powerful art can be championed and inspired by engaged and insightful criticism, and WalesArtsReview.com aims to be an active and passionate voice for the arts in Wales and on an international stage.

To get involved introduce yourself via email to: GaryRaymond@walesartsreview.com

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