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Interview with
William Trevor


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AUTHOR_William-Trevor-CharlestonThis September, William Trevor received the inaugural Charleston-Chichester Award for a Lifetime’s Excellence in Short Fiction.

In this interview, William Trevor talks with Diana Reich, Small Wonder’s Artistic Director, about the Award, his Irish roots, a curiosity in human behaviour, and crafting both short stories and sculptures. Interviews with Trevor are rare and so we are especially delighted to bring you this wonderful recording.

William Trevor was born in Mitchelstown, County Cork in 1928. He has published fourteen novels, including The Old Boys, The Children of Dynmouth, Felicia’s Journey, The Story of Lucy Gault, and Love and Summer, as well as twelve collections of short stories and two novellas. He has won many illustrious prizes and received an Honorary Knighthood in 2002. He has lived in the West of England for many years.


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Interview with William Trevor

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The Charleston-Chichester Award is the first to recognise long-standing creativity and achievement in writing short stories. 

William Trevor said: “This is an award for what I do best, which is to write short stories. I also write novels but short stories are what I love and have always loved. I’m hugely honoured. It does mean a great deal to me. It has come from the right source. If I were to associate myself forever with the short story, this is the way I would like to do it.”


The cover photo comes from
Adam Marek’s ‘Five Things I Learned at Small Wonder’


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